nothing to hide Mr.Schäuble?

Mr. Schäuble, Home Secretary of Germany wants to know all about the residents.

He doesn’t care about sanctities of the home presumption of innocence and other legal rights of the constitution.
Some proposals were tracking of all vehicles, filming all public rooms, tracking all phone calls, emails and internet connections.

As if this wasn’t enough, he know claims access to all private PCs out there. Other politicians would like to see offering hacking-tools and even testing if your maschine is vulnerable as a crime. Now hacking shall be the profession of some policemen?

If you put all the ideas together, why didn’t they just let the SBZ take over the BRD and did it just the other way?
Sure in real dictatorships and similar regims there it much more active suppression, but the passive ways of suirveillance never got that power.


One Response to nothing to hide Mr.Schäuble?

  1. blöd. alle. says:

    for private use only

    I think most people agree that you need a certain age to cope with someaspects of life. Though the protection of minors is quite reasonable and nobody would show to a five year old child.
    But when they hit puberty some things get more and mo…

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