for private use only

I think most people agree that you need a certain age to cope with someaspects of life. Though the protection of minors is quite reasonable and nobody would show to a five year old child.
But when they hit puberty some things get more and more interesting. Girls for example, but also drugs like alcohol and tabacco, guns and horror movies.

Some really smart guy must have told the Bavarians that people who are underage talk and interact with persons of full age. Whoa!

Long story, short: The government now wants to ban dvd rental of adult content.

They name it a barrier of purchasing, when you have to pay the full price. Won’t you get more used to lend your dvds if there isn’t any rental service? Won’t you start the donkey to avoid the costs?
Must be a bit different in an area with cows and tourists.
Perhaps Mr.Schäuble, the best informed politician on internet stuff can tell them what he found on harddrives.

With this argumentall rental services should be cancelled.
No cars, no karaoke maschines, no video consoles, no fashion, no party accesoires, no tech stuff for pros, no boats anf at last, we’ll close the libraries.


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