j’aime cette langue

February 15, 2007



Why do those Germans always create names that sound like a short story?
The whole white thing is the name of an angency. the little white on top is the name the French have chosen. Not even half impressive.

Must have been the Preussians with their military discipline all over the government down to the train conductor. The civil servants seem to miss the German Emperor, sure they do


what’s really useful

February 12, 2007

useful services Thinking of services I need at an airport, I first think of trains, taxis and busses. Then, something to eat, get some cash and lecture.

CDG airport is also offering useful services. Interesed what this might be, I found the prayer areas in first place. Lost baggage, post office and drop off point follow .
At least, the prayer areas are open to all religions.

I think, this is a great service. Many people are still afraid of flying or or get anxious, when the flight of a relative is late.

But I thought of France as one of the most secular countries in the world.

cool german videocast

January 4, 2007

Die Sendung mit der Maus.

It’s a german videocast, mainly for kids. They explain all stuff in an easy way, great to refresh your german!
You also find it on iTunes, search the podcasts for “WDR”

Damn, I want one of those

December 2, 2006


It has all a geek device needs.

Make your own caption

November 15, 2006