March 2, 2007

worst deputyship on TV

February 28, 2007

My best wishes to Sandra Maischberger and her son.

It’s a pity what happend to that great political talk show this night.

Erich Böhme might be a good journalist and lead his own program quite well. But today he totally messed up.
He didn’t get to moderate  an easy discussion. The topic was very interesting, juvenile violence in stadions and on the street. The guests were mostly involved in youth work, on all sides. Among them a judge, a street worker, a principal and a former hooligan.

And what did the journalist do? He tried to have seven individual interviews, and even investigations instead of letting a diskussion come up.

Shame on you Erich Böhme.
The next stand -in will be done by a  forecaster, it can olny become better.